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Brewer Bus Guidelines


We'd love to take your group to the game!  Here are some things to remember when planning your group outing to American Family Field with Discovery Coach.

Who should be contract first...Discovery Coach or the Brewers?

Call or email us first. We can quote you a rate and check if we have a bus/driver available. Put the bus on hold and then confirm your ticket choice with the Brewers. We then send you a contract that you sign and pay your deposit.  We can send the contract by email and you can even pay the deposit online.  

What can we bring on the bus for tailgating?

The larger coaches (30, 48 and 56 Passenger) have plenty of room under that bus for tables, chairs, standard grills, coolers, etc. Barrels of beer are NEVER allowed inside the motorcoach but can be put underneath and taken out upon arrival at the ballpark. You may bring bottles and cans on the coach and of course food, but please remember you need to keep the motorcoach as clean as possible. 

Can we plug in Nescos or Crock Pots on the bus?

NO. The electrical outlets are meant for cell phones and tablets to charge.  If you plug in a Nesco, it may overload the circuit and trip the breaker. The power on the bus is OFF once you get to the ballpark.  


Can we stay on the bus during the game? 

No. The parking lot is patrolled by security, and they will make you go into the game or go home if you do not have tickets. Plus the bus is locked during the game. 

We would like to stop on the way home after the game, is that possible?

NOT without PERMISSION from the office and an extra charge.

Some groups love to stop at a bar on the way home. But our drivers are always on a tight schedule and they might be driving early the next morning.  Federal law dictates they have a minimum of 8 hours off. So if you want to stop, we need to arrange that in advance and there will be a charge...typically about $ 200 per hour for a stop.

Who pays for the bus parking?

You are responsible to buy a parking pass for the motorcoach from the Milwaukee Brewers when you order your tickets.

Can the bus drop us off at American Family Field and come back? Or run shuttles? 

No. The motorcoach will need to park in the coach parking area at AM Fam Field and you will walk into the stadium and come back to the bus after the game is over.  YOU are responsible to buy a parking pass for the motorcoach from the Milwaukee Brewers when you order your tickets.

Other Questions?

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